The Best of Earth, Wind, And Webfire by Martin Ventress

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Website Services

Webfire Affiliate Tools

Site and Market Analysis

Analyze your website, market, or keyword(s) to spot potential problems in your SEO strategy as well as find lucrative changes you can make. We’ll also look at your keywords and make sure that they are good keywords to go for, and we’ll provide other suggestions as well. This is a great tool to get a general idea of issues you might have (with tips on how to fix them with our other tools), as well as to get a quick overview of your SEO standing.


The Swiss army knife of our site tools! This one combines a number of our best tools into a single one that walks you through in an easy to follow manner. From a single article, you can choose to spin it, submit it to some of the best article directories out there, submit some as a guest blog post on other blogs, turn it into a video, submit the video to top video sites, and more all in one tool.

Video Firestorm

Turn your article into a video, create your own videos with built in cameras, and/or submit videos to video sites all at once! If you choose to turn an article into a video, it’ll automatically let you pick cool looking backgrounds to create PowerPoint-type slides where you can even have human sounding text-to-speech audio (or your own). Don’t want to turn an article into a video? No problem, as you can create your own video on the fly as well. Then you can also use our built in video submitter to submit videos to the top video sites out there!

Expired Domain Finder

WebFire finds expired domain names that are already ranking for keywords in your market that you can snatch up for just the price of a new domain name (usually $7 to $10 / year). On top of that, you can also find expired domain names that are mentioned on live domain name sites that are ranked for your keyword(s) as well.

Keyword Domain Finder

Find exact match keyword domains in your market in a matter of seconds! It’s a well known fact that exact match keyword domains have a very good chance of ranking on page 1 of search engines for their keywords, but prior to this, it was incredibly hard to spot them. You can find exact match domains that could bring hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for their keywords a month in mere seconds.

Keyword Review

Use this keyword tool to enter in product names and automatically get several “review keywords” spit out for you. You can then use these review keywords to find people looking for reviews or recommendations based on those products, which you can use to target in your own market, as an affiliate, and more! People searching for these kinds of keywords are also far more likely to be in a position where they’re ready to buy.

Submit Your Site (Ping and RSS Tool)

Let the search engines and other top sites know that you have a new website or new content on your blog or site instantly by taking a few seconds to fill out this form and hit submit. We’ll then alert all the top sites for you. Doing this can greatly increase your chances of getting indexed and noticed faster, and thus increase your chances of ranking well too.

SEO Inferno

Easily check and create title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. for your website(s). Title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. all are very important factors in SEO and ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords, but they are often overlooked! This tool will help you quickly check and create such tags on the fly.

Auto Content

Publish keyword-specific video and article content to your blogs!

Google News Release

Submit a press release about your business, website, etc. for us to review and include (if approved — we’ll inform you what to change if not approved) in our official Google approved Press Release site, which can get your press release featured at the top of Google and in their news section!

Media News Storm

Submit an important news story and we’ll include it in an approved list to thousands of top reporters, news stations, magazines, and other media outlets. If not approved by us, we’ll inform you of what to change. This is meant for news pieces that are less about advertising yourself (that’s what a normal press release is for) and more about general news in your market.

Article Submitter

Submit your article(s) to the top article directories to get extra exposure, traffic, backlinks, rankings, and more! And at the same time, increase your chances of others picking up your article and posting it on their site for you to get even more traffic and publicity. We submit your articles to only the top directories out there that help you instead of to hundreds or thousands of directories that are actually known to hurt your rankings at times!

Macroleads Fire

Use this very powerful Web Fire tool to find sites in your niche / market that rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that also allow you to leave a post, comment, reply, or recommendation on. This is an incredibly powerful way to instantly gain free exposure, get top rankings in seconds, and get lots of traffic to your sites.


This powerful lead tool allows you to find all the relevant blog posts and forum threads in your market that you can leave a post or comment on (unlike with Macro leads Fire which only looks for those that rank for certain keywords, this tool will list all of them and even date them). You can even search for forum threads or blog posts that were made within a certain date range (even today!). This is a great way to gain extra exposure and more traffic by finding places where you can participate in the discussions related to your market.

This Super Star Delivers Much More to Increase Your Bottom Line…


To Your Success!

IF Seeing IS Believing, then…

Watch as this Video Demonstrates the Latest “TRAFFIC” in Hi-Tech Automation performing just a few of the 22 features that clearly separates Web Fire from the rest of the competition:

 Best 2012 SEO Software Online Today

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Webfire Review – An Insider’s Look at Webfire by Jayme Proctor

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Website Services

Webfire Affiliate Tools

In this Webfire review I wanted to discuss the value of this tool. Webfire is a time saver, an all in one tool that helps you with everything. For example, with a just a few keystrokes, it covers keyword research, video uploads, search engine ranking, domain name research, article submission, press releases, lead generation and more. Basically it streamlines the process of getting ranked in search engines. If you are overwhelmed in how to properly and efficiently get your website to rank well, this is for you. Webfire allows you to quickly see your progress and get results all from one dashboard, By implementing the tools, we’ve seen results in just a few days.

Webfire is an all-in-one place to manage your traffic generation all in one dashboard. There is nothing to upload, it’s a complete system that you tap into for research as well as implementation. Whether your website is html or WordPress, it doesn’t matter. It prevents information overload and overwhelm as well. The system is continually updated, each step shows you a video on how to use it, in some cases, it’s so user friendly that you don’t really need to watch the video presentation. It can locate top forums related to a specific keyword and allows you to post on those forums. Through your dashboard you also get to submit press releases, articles, videos, RSS feeds. We are all well aware of how Google rewards us when we show interactivity on the web.

Some other features of Webfire include but are not limited to the following. If you are looking to purchase a new domain name and want your keywords in the domain, it’ll tell you which domains are available. The software inside this system can also present you with new leads by matching you with folks on the web asking questions and needing answers to your related product or service. Once your content is posted, it can alert the big search engines about your new content. It can also turn one article into hundreds and thousands of articles, making it completely different from the original article. How invaluable is that?

The cost is minimal in my opinion, based on what it does and how it performs and mostly how much time is saved because you are in one place performing these tasks. I will be making more videos on sharing the value of how it works and what it does. It’s one of those tools that has endless opportunities, but is very well set up and easy to follow.

This system is compatible with MAC, PC, Linux, WordPress and all html sites. They continue to update and will be getting additional features that will only help your performance in what you are trying to achieve online. This is an online system, and will not slow down your computer. It’s sophisticated, but not at all hard to use, all the questions and concerns you might normally have about search engine optimization, keyword research, article submission, etc are easily done through this system, alleviating information overload/overwhelm. It helps you to discover the hidden problems in your marketing efforts by visually showing you what you need to do. It’s a time saver, a cost saver and a one click solution on many tasks, whereas in the past you might have had to click twenty times for something. It even has a built in video creator, if you don’t have easy ways to create your own video, it’ll make one for you, based on copy alone and then it’ll upload it for you to video sharing sites. This is power and efficiency at its best. A great time saver, well priced and easy to use, backed by two good names in the field: Brian Koz and Shawn Casey.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at: or skype me at: jaymelle or call: 207-615-1105.

Jayme Proctor, partner at Reach Up Marketing follows technology trends for business owners and uses software to implement and achieve better efficiency in day to day tasks related to search engine optimization, online marketing and marketing strategies. To see a video of insiders look at Webfire, go to:

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Review of Webfire – Scam

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Does webfire even work?


Being a member of Webfire since Feb, 2012 has made my life easier. I don’t need to put hours and hours into my sites anymore. I can honestly say Webfire is not a scam. Here is a description of some of the Affiliate tools you will get access to once you join.

There are 27 affiliate tools in all.

website optimize

websites services

Site and Market Analysis – this affiliate tool analyzes your website to see potential problems in your SEO and provides suggestions on what to correct.

Video Firestorm  – You can turn your article into a video, create your own video and submits them to the top video site’s.

Expired Domain Finder – Finds expired domains that are already ranking for keywords in your niche.

Keyword Domain Finder – Find the exact match keyword domains in your market.

Submit your Site – Ping and Rss Tool

Seo Inferno – Fast way to check and create title tags, descriptions, image tags for your website.This is VERY important factors in SEO.

Auto Content Fire – Automatically publish keyword-specific video and articles to your blogs.

Press Tool – Google New release and Media News Storm

Article Spinner – Article Submitter

Main keyword tool – keyword Buyer-keyword review-keyword versus-keyword alternative-keyword custom-local keyword finder.

Microleads Fire – Omnileads- Plus more

Webfire Review Scam-NOT


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Webfire Seo

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Webfire SEO Software

It’s not a scam.

Best Webfire  Seo Software

Click here and join Webfire Seo to finally get ahead.

Update on another site I have.

I ran a test on a site I used to try to sell a friends house. My site is called Within a week she had a  contract so I do not need this site anymore to try to sell the house. I updated the site with the seo inferno tool and put a couple posts up and now if you go to Google and type in Webfire Review Scam you can see I hit page 1 again.  Stop wasting time on junk software that takes forever to use and just doesn’t work.


May 7th Update

homesforsalehilliardoh43026 is on page 2 of google now. But it is on page 1 for a four word keyphrase.

webfire signup

Become a member of Webfire today!

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Webfire Seo Inferno

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This affiliate tool is well worth the money. I use this on every site I have.

Using the keyword tools, the domain finder, site analysis and the Seo Inferno tool has ranked my sites on page 1 and they have been there for while now.

Type in Webfire Review Scam. You have someone below me saying not to buy it.  It’s not a scam. I think it’s just their way of promoting their own products which is fine. There is only one way to find out and that is to jump in and try it out.

I’ m number 1 on Goolgle, Yahoo and Bing for other keywords. I did not have much experience with SEO at all and never got ranked before becoming a member of Webfire. I bought all kinds of software that did not do anything for me.

Try it. Put some effort into it and I know you can land on Page 1 too. If I can, you can.



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Webfire Review Scam

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Webfire Real User Review


It’s April 3, 2012 and just wanted to give everyone an update. I’m still ranking on page 1 of all the big search engines. I have one site that is totally different from the webfire sites. It’s a high targeted keyword.  I’m on page 2 of Google for that.

Can you really get on page 1 of Google in 7 minutes or less? I know you can with the right domain and keywords and seo. That’s what webfire is all about. All the necessary affiliate tools in one place.

I believe that webfire can help your site or sites. Like any software you do need to put some effort into it. The more you put into it (high targeted keywords) the more you will get from it. You don’t just push a button and WOW your on page 1.

Do I still think it’s worth the money. I’m still a member!


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Update on Webfire Review

March 21st, 2012 No comments

DJ here. I just want to let you know that I have made it to page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Look up webfire review scam in Google. My domains are listed below.

There is one called Watch Dee episodes on Blip-When I first became a member I really wanted to get to page 1 so I tried the video tool and put it on blip tv. I didn’t like it so I just deleted it from blip and now you get a 404- that blip has sailed. My mistake.

Yahoo and Bing has me on page 1 for the same keywords.

If you look up webfire seo inferno I have a lot out there.

I have  3 more domains out

Just wanted to let you know you should try this. You don’t have anything to lose. Buy it for a month, try it. If you think it’s not worth the money and you can’t get on page one then drop it. It’s simple.

The support is fantastic. I have never waited more than a day for an answer to my questions. They go above and beyond to help you.

Get on Page 1 Of Google Today in 7 Minutes or Less

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Web-Fire-Review Scam

March 3rd, 2012 No comments



UPDATE: 7/22/2012

I have not done any updates on my site for awhile so I thought I would check it out. It looks like I lost first page of google. So I’m going to add to my website and see if I can rank 1 on google again.

My web-fire-review scam website is a real person’s review on these internet marketing tool’s. It helps you market your website, it helps you with keywords for search engine optimization and it is the best software for SEO. There are a lot of scams on the internet but webfire is not one of them. You really need to try this affiliate membership site if you are having trouble ranking in the search engines.


I purchased Webfire 2 weeks ago. I was skeptical. When I first logged in I could not figure out what I was doing. I was waiting for the topic to pop up and it never did. This was a user mistake. I scrolled down and there was all the information I was looking for. lol It took me a while to figure it out. It is very easy to use all the tools. This is NOT a scam.

There is a video tool that is awsome. A couple of clicks and your done and ready to go. Very simple.  New affiliates would love this.

Webfire tools for Domain’s which I have not used yet but played around with it and looks very helpful if your looking to buy a domain with your keyword in it.

Site tools are awsome. There are four different area’s here. I have used the Submit your site, SEO Inferno and planning on using the the Auto Content Feature. This s the Best Affiliate Sotware I have ever purchased.

Great Keyword Tools.

Article Tools that I played around with but not used yet.

Just a great bunch of tools to help you get your site up and running in no time. I would recommend Webfire to anyone. New Affilites cannot go wrong with this one. Do yourself a favor and try it out.

Before I purchased Webfire my sites just sat in limbo. Going nowhere. I would spend most of my evenings and weekends on this. I got to a point I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up. I saw this software and it looked awsome like so many of them did. Webfire helped get one of my sites on page 6 of google. I was so excited. I need to make more time to work with this software and get my site of page 1. Bing has my site on page 7. This is only using a little piece of Webfire.

Ok folks. This is the real deal. I’m on page 1 of google.

Webfire by 614dee
Sneak Preview of the Webfire Tools Member Area


March 20 2012

DJ here. I just want to let you know that I have made it to page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Look up webfire review scam in Google. Some of my sites are listed below.

There is one called Watch Dee episodes on Blip-When I first became a member I really wanted to get to page 1 so I tried the video tool and put it on blip tv. I didn’t like it so I just deleted it from blip and now you get a 404- that blip has sailed. My mistake.

Yahoo and Bing has me on page 1 for the same keywords.

If you look up webfire seo inferno I have a lot out there as well.

I have never in the past made it to page 1 of anything. Using Webfire has gotten me there.

Just wanted to let you know you should try this. You don’t have anything to lose. Buy it for a month, try it. If you think it’s not worth the money and you can’t get on page one then drop it. It’s simple.

The support is fantastic. I have never waited more than a day for an answer to my questions. They go above and beyond to help you.


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